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This link page cannot be comprehensive and therefore listed below some of the most significant organs working in the fields related to the Project.
International Businesswomen Networks:
OWIT - Organization of Women in International Trade: international network composed of 20 national branches and 12 international chapters. OWIT helps men and women whose professional activity is related to international trade in accessing a global network for partnership opportunities http://www.owit.org/

BPWI - International Federation of Business and Professional Women: worldwide network working for the improvement of women situation, the designing and implementing of projects for the promotion of women rights http://www.bpw-international.org

WIN - Women's International Network: international platform for the exchange of experience among active women the training of professional women and the management of lobbying activities http://www.womensinternational.net

GlobeWomen.com - organizes a global women network and the Global Summit of women. The association aims at promoting and fostering women involvement in global market economy by supporting their initiatives all over the world http://www.globewomen.com

International Fair trade organizations:
FLO - Fair Trade Labelling Organisation: FLO is the main international organ providing official fair trade certification for worldwide producers respecting the criteria of the Chart http://www.fairtrade.net

IFAT - International Federation for Alternative Trade: the goal of the Federation is to improve the living conditions of Southern producers and provide grounds for the evolution of mentalities and ideology of international trade http://www.ifat.org

NEWS - Network of European World Shops: the aim of NEWS is to support the development of world shops in Europe and, through world shops, of fair trade in general

International Institutions:
EuropeAid - organ of the European Union in charge of the definition, coordination and support of EU development Aid through funded projects

IBPP - Institutions building partnership programme: specific programme for the financial support of projects aimed at the development of civil society and local authorities within East European and central Asian countries

EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development http://www.ebrd.com

World Bank - http://worldbank.org

ADB - Asian Development Bank www.adb.org

CEDAW - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women adopted in 1979 by the UN to ensure equal rights for women

UNIFEM - United Nation development fund for women providing financial support and technical assistance for projects enhancing women rights and promoting their participation in social, political and economical life http://www.unifem.org

Institutions implementing similar projects in Uzbekistan:
Europa House Tashkent - EU support office in charge of the coordination and logistical support of EU funded projects in Uzbekistan http://europahouse.uz

ADB - Resident mission in Uzbekistan: document on the gender and Development activities implemented by the Asian Development Bank in Uzbekistan

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Eric Matalon and Ariane Matalon

Eric Matalon and Ariane Matalon