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Special focus on fair trade opportunities
Fair trade is based on the principle that trade should rely on sustainable development
No government can rely upon international aid and technical assistance. The principle of " not aid but trade" is a new conception of cooperation and relations which should exist between producers and consumers. The principles of "not aid but trade" and the concept of "fair trade" take into account sustainable development by establishing mechanisms of efficient internal production and taking into consideration the protection of human, social and environmental factors.

Fair trade is an answer to the unfairness of economical relationships
Indeed globalization has established rules for international trade obliging countries to consider access to international markets as a major indicator for development. The problem is that the actual rules of international commerce are not based on fairness and equity but on the individual search of profit. Thus North-South economic relationship (and one may easily add political relationship) are evidently unfair because based on unequal confrontation of power.
What Fair trade intends to do is redefine the rules of commerce in order to ensure that each level of the chain of production will be equally satisfied.

Fair trade can be one of the solutions to promote small local entrepreneurs and help them get fair access to the international market
Through a number of international fair trade associations, networks and shops, small local producers have been able to develop their activity on the international level by using the fair trade label. This label is distributed by the Fair trade Labelling Organisation (FLO) after a series of production procedures controls to ensure that the fair trade criteria (see Fair trade presentation.ppt) are respected.

Fair trade in Uzbekistan
The concept of fair trade seems to be quite absent from the Uzbek production market. No organisation is yet working to ensure the promotion of fair trade criteria in Uzbekistan. However, Uzbekistan offers great opportunities for the international fair trade (and sustainable tourism) market. The Silk Road, the splendours of Bukhara and Samarkand and the rich cultural history of the country are as many assets on which fair trade can rely to promote Uzbek production.

The impact of the Project
The Project will tend to promote fair trade opportunities for Uzbek women entrepreneurs and develop partnerships with international fair trade actors.
For any further information, please contact: Zulfiya Tuktakhodjaeva

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Eric Matalon and Ariane Matalon

Eric Matalon and Ariane Matalon