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A European funded project
EuropeAid is the ofice of the European Union, under the Directorate General of External Relations (DG. Relex), designed to finance and organise EU development aid contributions. EuropeAid is divided into different geographical and thematic Units. The main geographical units are: ALA (Africa and Latin America), TACIS (Technical Assistance for the Commonwealth of Independent States), PHARE (Poland, Hungary, )

EuropeAid functions with a system of tenders for projects financed by the EU and implemented by European consulting companies providing technical assistance and procurements.

EuropeAid has also established different grant programmes designed to non-profit governmental or non-governmental organisations, implementing small-scale projects based on a partnership between European and domestic organisations.

The IBPP programme is divided into 2 major programmes:
-   Support to Civil Society and Local Infrastructures replacing the Tacis LIEN programme and diversifying it from its initial social focus
-   Key Institutions replacing the Tacis City Twining programme and providing support to Governmental institutions.

Deadline Budget Global amount Co-financing Repartition per country 2004 Repartition per country 2003
14/04/04 Min: 0.1 M
Max: 0.2 M
13.5 M Up to 80 % of the total costs Russia: 7.0 M
Ukraine: 3.0 M
Kazakhstan: 0.5 M
Kyrgyzstan: 0.4 M
Tajikistan: 0.3 M
Uzbekistan: 0.8 M
Mongolia: 0 M
Moldova: 1.5 M
Russia: 5.4 M
Ukraine: 3.0 M
Kazakhstan: 0.65 M
Kyrgyzstan: 0.3 M
Tajikistan: 0.3 M
Uzbekistan: 1.45 M
Mongolia: 0.6 M
Moldova: 0 M

The IBPP-Support to Civil society and local infrastructure, supports NGO's, Local and regional authorities and not-for-profit professional organisations presenting a project based on a partnership between a TACIS organisation and a EU similar organisation. The project should last between at least 18 months but not more than 24 months.

The main areas of intervention are:
-   Public Administration Reform Issues, such as citizen oriented services, financial management, human resources management, etc.
-   Economic Development Issues, such as development of trade, assistance to SMEs, public/private partnerships, initiatives to reduce unemployment, vocational training, socio-economic development (e.g. social dialogue, consumer protection), etc.
-   Social Issues, such as the social reintegration of marginalized groups, the promotion of sustainable health and social care (e.g. elderly, HIV/AIDS victims, etc.), the assistance to disadvantaged women and other disadvantaged sections of the local population, etc.
-   Urban Management Issues, such as urban utilities (e.g. waste management, wastewater management, transport, energy supply), urban/regional planning (e.g. cadastre management, strategic development), health and education services, housing services, tourism services
-   Environmental Issues, such as environmental pollution (e.g. water, air), energy efficiency, eco-tourism, etc.

The type of activities financed by IBPP are:
-   Training of staff, trainers, beneficiaries, representatives of the target group, etc
-   Management courses (including on fundraising, PR and lobbying)
-   Transfer of specific technical know-how
-   Study visits and work placements
-   Thematic seminars, workshops, conferences (to present project results to a wider audience of interest specialists) and other dissemination actions
-   Meetings to raise the awareness of the local population and/or the authorities
-   Publications of manuals, leaflets, on best practices
-   Establishment or development of new services
-   Establishment of best practice and procedures
-   Other human and institutional capacity building measures
-   Procurement of equipment essential for project implementation
-   Activities assuring institutional support (e.g. steering committees)
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A European funded project
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